Customized financial and management consultancy.

Tailored to the size and complexity of your company, the services offered range from basic services for small operations to targeted solutions for established companies.
BERCX FINANCE was founded by Stefan Bercx in 2009. Previously, he was Head of Finance at Herzog & de Meuron for many years. BERCX FINANCE is active in Basel and Zurich.


Together to create a basis from which you can achieve your objectives confidently:


As a flexible partner, we help you to act rapidly and appropriately.


You know where you stand and how to optimize your results at all times.


You extend your room for maneuver and your decision-making ability


Focusing on what is essential.

Knowing where you stand means knowing where you can go. We analyze your company and help you develop instruments which make it possible to retain an overview of complex situations. At the same time, we proceed in a pragmatic and straightforward way. On this basis, you are able to manage your company successfully.


We support and advise companies during all phases.

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From the idea to your own company

You are planning to set up a company We help you to realize your vision. We monitor your project and ask important questions: Is your project realistic and practicable? How much time and resources do you require? What net sales do you expect, and what can you rely on in reality? How much capital does the company require?

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Start-up companies with potential

You have founded a company. We review your set-up and clarify tax-related and financial questions. A methodology developed jointly will help you to organize yourself optimally and quickly achieve a high level of autonomy. If required, we relieve you of your workload in areas such as personnel administration, bookkeeping, debt collection, payment transactions, and more.

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Optimization of an ongoing operation

Your company is developing well, but you want to optimize costs, structures and profits. We review your operation and provide answers: How are you earning money? How can you notice in good time where you are losing it? How can you record time most efficiently? What potential do your employees have? How do you budget projects and corporate success?

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Minimizing risk when venturing abroad

Your company is going well, and you are planning to expand abroad. Together with you, we find an adequate corporate structure and clarify important questions: How can you realize your ideas abroad? How high are the investment and capital requirements? What structures do you require for this purpose – in financial, organizational, taxation, legal terms? We secure your market launch.

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Involvement of employees

You would like to pass on management of your company within the near future. We support you in orderly succession arrangements and clarify all questions on your behalf.


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